Citizen Science Makes a Difference

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Since 2015 The Biodiversity Institute has been working with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, to organize a citizen science program helping scientists and wildlife managers learn about the moose population in the wilderness areass around Laramie.

...& You Help Make it Happen!

This ongoing citizen science activity has been gathering data, changing the way we understand the moose that live in our area, and building commmunity among the dozens of participants that join us each season!

Now, Please Help Support Programs Like Moose Day!

If you have participated, or are interested in citizen science projects like the Biodiversity Institute's Bi-Annual Moose Day, please consider supporting the Biodiversity Institute finacially.

Your donation or steward or associate level membership supports these vital citizen science programs, as well as the many events, lectures, movies, workshops and other activities put together every year by the Biodiversity Institute!



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