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Are you a budding naturalist? or a seasoned ecologist? The Biodiversity Institute brings together people who are factinated with the living world around them.


20284671178_754e2e8689.jpgJoin us as a member and keep up with all the Biodiversity Institute events that you can be a part of, special events, exhibtions and exciting outdoor citizen science programs.

Becoming a General Member of the Biodiversity Institute is free and available to all individuals and organizations. 

All members receive the Biodiversity eNewsletter, as well as information and announcements about Biodiversity Institute programs, events, lectures, movies, volunteer opportunities and our annual citizen science activities. 

The Biodiversity Institute also offers a number of annual "Stewardship" and "Associate" level Memberships for individuals or organizations that would like to help support the research, educational outreach and many, many public programs that the Biodiversity Institute brings to the Wyoming community every year.

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We use the following information to create better programs, events, and activities by more fully understanding our audience.

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